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Affray and sentencing

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ok here is my story,my partner of 20 yr and father of my 3 children goes out for a few drinks and doesnt come home ever again.his cousin was out same night and had been drinkin all day and needless to say was full as a tick, he had a few words wit a few foreign nationals{3} that night leadin to a brawl outside,in the mean time my partner was at a local pizzeria and seen what was happening and brought his cousin home very close to where they were ,while my partner had come bak down one of the foreign nationals had followed the cousins up and broke his jaw,cousin came bak down and included my partner in the row resulting in them turnin on him without him getting a punch in he was on life support died 2 days later,wit us havin to make the painfull decision of turnin off machines,so here we are today come from murder to manslaughter to afray ,2 are equited 1 being cousin on same charge of afray,and 2 to go,sorry for long story but that only quater of it ,but what do ye think any justice for us and my partner an kids,life for life doesnt exist anymore:confused:


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    I'm sorry, it's hard to understand what you've written. Are you saying your husband was killed in a fight and the charges were downgraded to affray from murder?
    I'm sorry to hear that if that's the case. The system in this country is a joke, the CPS are letting a lot of people down at the moment.
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    yes thats it,i need the next court case to go my way, this will b the main guy that did the damage , its only an affray charge, which is five yr max ,i need him to get something a little bit of justice for kids and my partner,where is the lesson in it for kids ,if they all walk free ,no punishment for doin something wrong
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    Please don't lie

    Hi there, what an awful tale honey, I really feel for you and what an awful position you are in, I hope you and your children get through. You are obviously doing the same as I am. Asking questions why one human can do it to another? there is no answers. I was beaten up very badly in January, for absolutely no reason, people like that don't need a reason. They have plead guilty to a charge of using threatening behaviour then gbh as I didnt retaliate and my face was pretty much mashed in and have permanent disfigurement. My life is now a mess as I still can't go out in public but I will get there. The case is being dragged out and out and as I am not used to this sort of thing I don't know whats going on. What I am saying is please people, don't put the victims through even more as you don't know what you leave behind. Its not pretty x
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    Life for life doesn't exist and it never has existed.

    If the CPS have decided to accept an affray plea then that's because they don't think that they would get a more serious conviction. This would be case if, for instance, your deceased partner wasn't quite as innocent in all this as your cousin is trying to portray and the "foreign nationals" (as if that makes a difference) were acting in self-defence.

    Based on what you've told us, I'm surprised that the CPS haven't pushed for manslaughter (it's only murder if you intend to kill someone and one punch isn't murder), which makes me think that you haven't been given the full story. It's a shame as being protected will make it harder for you to move on.
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    he was helping his cousin home not my cousin,and he was innocent in it all,the good samartian if u like,cct tells it all,the fact is he died at no fault of his own,so if its not his fault who s fault is it
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    i am sorry that happened to u ,hope they get what they deserve,the longer u leave it to go out the harder it wil b for u ,just get out there and stand tall,dont let them win.i felt like that for long time for different reasons ,meeting these people that did it on the town out on bale being 1 main reason ,but life has to go on,especially when u have kids needing to go places ,but they sure keep me going
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    Hey Mag, :wave:

    You are clearly going through a difficult time at the moment in dealing with the situation in the first place and trying to make sense of the legal system *hug*

    Is there anyone you can talk to about how you are feeling; friends or family maybe? It's important that you get the support you need to help you stay strong. You don't mention how old your children are but how are they? How are they coping? If they are adults, maybe you can talk to them about this too and offer each other support?

    Also, what legal advice and support have you had to understand the case?

    If you would prefer speaking to someone independent you can call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90. They cannot offer any advice they can offer emotional support to help you explore all your options.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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