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GBH sec.20 possible outcome?

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alright well,

me and my mates were outside a club, two of my friends were messing around picking each other up and and stuff and then kissed on the lips, at which point a lad came over and started being abusive, not aggresive, but abusive and homophobic. we told this lad to fuck off and go back into the club and leave us alone after a minute or so of arguing he turned to leave took a step or two turned back and threw a lit cigarrette at me at which point my friend went over to him and they stood face to face as i sorta flinched when the cigarrette was thrown i looked up to see them face to face thought it was about to kick off and my friend was in danger so went over to the guy and punched him, he moved back and the bouncers came over and i tried to punch him again (there is confusion as to whether to second one hit or not) at which point i was pulled back by a bouncer and my friend who was face to face with the guy then punched the lad before he and the lad were all grabbed by bouncers and the incident was over.

it turns out the lad had a broken jaw and me and my friend are both charged with sec.20 gbh. was wondering on these brief facts wat the likely punishment will be? the incident is caught on cctv and two bouncers have given statements as well as the victim and one of his friends.

me and my friend both have no previous convictions.


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    As I say to everyone else who asks this question after using google, ASK YOUR GODDAMN SOLICITOR.

    The punishment will depend on the facts and can include a custodial sentence.
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    the reason i ask is the law states up to 5 years etc but i wud like to hear from someone who may have been in the same sort of situation and what happened to them? my solicitor has not seen the evidence yet from the cps so cnt giv any definitive answers.
    i know the situation with the jails at the minute being full or watever so was thinking if at the minute such an incident could be dealt with fine/CS etc?
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    Well it depends on what evidence the CPS has and how conclusive it is. It also depends on whether your case is heard in the Crown Court or not and which judge you get if it is. It also depends on whether you admit it or whether it goes to trial.

    As I say, your solicitor will know all this more than anyone else.
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