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Argument with very good friend

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So I need help. Me and my friend had been talking everyday for about 6 months, we then became very good friends. One day he said that he really liked me, and wanted to know if i felt the same, I kinda did but then i didn't at the same time. I didn't really handle the situation very well, saying i did like him, then I didn't then I did. Anyway it ended up him telling my that he liked me all the time. I guess I just go fed up, so finally I said I did, so we saw each other for a bit, just like hugging on the sofa and holding hands and that. ( I know childish)

But then it suddenly came upon me that I didn't like him, so of course I had to tell him. He got over it eventually and out friendship contained well, but he still kept saying he liked me.

Then on my birthday and I had a party. I had a bit to much to drink lets say. After everyone had gone, he kissed me and I kissed him back. Anyway then next boring I regretted it so much.

it was all forgotten a few weeks later, But then he text me saying he was over me and liked someone else. I asked him who it was, but he said he doesn't want to cus he said I would tell everyone. I got very annoyed at him and said some bad things as I felt that we have been through all this stuff, and he says he doesn't trust me. But maybe I was upset that he had moved on.

Anyway we hadn't talked for about 4 weeks, and when we saw each other with all our friends we didn't talk, we didn't even acknowlegde each other. We did speak finally, but not about what happened just like about what we did that day.

Everything is not the same and I miss him. i don't know what to do. i don't want to say this to him tho because he is just going to tell my other friend who he is good friends with too. and I know like my friends knowing everything in my life. And I know she will just tell her boyfriend who is such a blabber mouth and will tell EVERYONE! I just don know what to do :/

If anyone can help then please do :)

Thankyou!! :heart:


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    Hi there harriet1994,

    Welcome to the boards :wave:

    It seems like this relationship has really confused you about how you feel. You liked him then you weren't sure then you didn't and then you kissed again...and now you say you miss him after you found out he liked someone else.

    Do you miss him because you like him as a friend or as a boyfriend?

    You say you haven't spoken about that night since, is there anyway you can speak to him about this? It might clarify how you feel and help you both move on in whichever direction you want.

    Try not to worry about what your friends think, looks like you did nothing wrong so there is nothing that they can blabber about!!

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