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Should I try and sidestep?

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I'll try and keep this as brief as possible. I trained at university to be a journalist and specialised in online journalism. I graduated and had a good portfolio under my belt but the recession hit and I had to grab a job fast. I ended up falling into media/advertising sales which had a lot of the elements of the media career I wanted without any actual creativity/equal if not more amounts of pressure.

Fast forward maybe 3 years and I am working at a small company that publishes magazines and have just been promoted to be in charge of my own mags etc when my friend who is the assistant editor has decided to leave. She does all the web stuff and journalism stuff that I love to do and has said that the top ed would probably be on board for me to potentially take over if I asked.

Problem is I've just been promoted and there was a big hoohah a while back when I declared a wish to do something like this and my current manager blocked it saying that there was "no future" and got quite annoyed that he was "sticking his head on the block" to get me this promotion and pay rise.

If I went for it I would have to be prepared to take a pay cut back to what I used to earn (and I just bought a house, I could afford it but it would be tight). A lot of the internal politics that annoys me would still be very much in force and I would have to be prepared to get a bit of stick from the sales side of things.

I feel like I should maybe approach the head of ed and enquire gently about it and see what happens. It's a bit of a tricky decision because I'm worried that if I enquire and it doesn't work out I could, potentially, lose my job over it... however part of me feels that if I don't do this now I won't ever get to do what i've always wanted to do.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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    My advice would be to do it, go to the guy and tell him you want to do the job because <insert why here> and if he says you have just been promoted tell him you know you can do that other job better than anybody else - present it in writing so everything that is said is down somewhere.

    If he fired you for being ambitious you could drag his ass to court over it, if you show ambition and willingness to ignore the internal politics and go for what you want he would admire it, you just need a brass neck to do it.

    The question is do you want to take a risk and go for the job you want or do you want to stick doing something that you grabbed fast?
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    Go for it I think if you dont' you will be kicking yourself for ever more
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    Go for it, if its what you really want, don't let that guy stop you because you feel obliged to continue. Its your life. As Snuggle said you can take him to court if he fires you or even causes a big fuss and stress for you later on. Good luck!
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    Stick with the job that pays more.
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