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Just a bit of a rant. Didn't really fancy bringing my old one up.

I can't handle this :no:

I haven't left the house in days... I haven't showered... I haven't looked after myself.

I wanted to go swimming 3 times a week, but I've can't at the moment because I've hurt myself. And I need to go and buy a new swimming costume but I can't bring myself to go to the shops or to try things on.

I haven't unpacked any of my stuff and I'm not getting anything done. I just rotate between computer, xbox, reading, television, bed etc.

My relationship is falling apart and I hate myself for it. I hate not being the person I want to be for him.

Deep down I know there is stuff I could do which would probably make me feel better, but I don't have the energy or the willpower or the confidence to do them. Bit stuck really.


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    Aw *hugs* to you.

    It sounds like you are on a downer at the moment. I relate to what you are saying about not washing and stuff, I know I've been there in the past, it sucks.

    Try not to pressurise yourself about the swimming. Is there anything else you can do instead that you can do even when you feel shit or have hurt yourself? Maybe some gentle yoga or a walk might make you feel better.

    What support do you have in place at the moment?
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