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okay so i was seeing this guy for just over a year and then he dumps me in january. we were really close. i couldnt understand why he ended it then i found out he had started going out weekly dates with this girl to the cinema while i was with him. since january they have been seeing more of each other (practically a couple). me and him have been seeing each other since the end of february and he was telling me he still loved me etc but he tells me we cant let anyone know becuase the girl hes seeing will be anoyyed with him and then if that happens he will never speak to me again....
and i dont know what to do becuase i reallllyyyy reallllyyy want him back! :(
any adviceee please??? thankssss! x


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    Get rid. Now!

    This is a guy who cheated on you, and now wants to cheat on another girl wth you, and will blame you and make you out to be the bad person if she finds out!! If that doest tell you everything you need to know, I dont even know where to begin with whats wrong with that
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    Hi there sugarplum,

    Welcome to the boards :wave:

    It seems that roles have reversed here. You were his long term girlfriend yet for some reason he met someone else and broke things off. Now she seems to be the girlfriend and you are the one seeing him behind her back - and it doesn't seem to make you feel any better. It's hard to go through a break up, and you say you still want him back, but is this the best way?

    Have you told him how you feel? Do you know what the situation is between them? It doesn't seem fair that he is telling you to keep this a secret and threatening not to speak to you again if this gets out. Perhaps you could seriously speak to him about this - and decide once and for all where you deserve to stand.

    Good luck *hug*
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