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No sex drive or desire

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Ive noticed this over the last few months,mainly it started after christmas.
I have absolutely no sex drive and no desire to meet women in any romantic way,I generally dont see the point in me trying to meet a woman I like,or if Im chatting with a girl to ask for her number or a date.
I just really dont see any point in doing it or trying,like it`ll just be a waste of time.
Which isnt like me really.

Now,Im not denying Im not mainly looking for just some fun but I havent even fantasised at all to at least get turned on.
If I see a hot woman its kind of like "meh" and thats it.

I talk to women normally and everything like that but the complete lack of sex drive Im really finding strange,especially for so long,about 5 months now.

I dont know whether its due to me feeling a bit down on myself (a recurring theme seems to be my mate getting all the attention and the girls preferring him,fair play) and not feeling Im upto scratch,good looking or interesting enough,but thats being worked on.

Another one is that I got moved off my favourite job ever to a different one I think is shit,boring and really not interesting to me at all.
Plus I had to do nights for about 3 months too.

Any thoughts?


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I've dismissed approaches by beautiful women when I've been wallowing in gloom. Just didn't want to know at the time, totally disinterested. I think mood plays a big part, when you're gloomy its sometimes just a case of "meh" as you say and even having a daily wank becomes merely a force of habit.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Stress, anxiety,depression and low self esteem are common causes for the loss of sex drive in men and woman. It could be one of those or even a combination of them all.

    For your sex drive to return I would say you need to try and determine what the route cause of it is and try and work upon tackling that issue or issues and then hopefully your sex drive will return.

    If you do have sex and find your experiencing difficulty physically then perhaps see your GP but again for men I believe a common factor in difficult performing is again often due to the above.
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