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sooo depressed please help

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I used to be so passionate about life, i had so many goals and ambitions and i really have no idea what went wrong but i've been getting steadily more and more depressed since about as far back as i can remember and i just feel like continuously sleeping or crying

i just quit my university degree after many difficulties and issues including but not limited to significant drug abuse, im now due to start a different course at a different uni and im not sure if im going to be able to cope! my doctor has just had me on prozac with no signs of recovery and i feel like im losing my mind

all my relationships have been failures, and they're not improving either... I have felt the need to completely isolate myself - socially and even while at work, i cant face talking to people, phone or face which has made getting help very very hard. I cant talk to my parents, i dont want to talk to my friends about it, my brother doesnt' want to know, and i really am running out of options.

i dont even know what to ask for anymore cos i don't know what's wrong!!! i guess i'm looking for any next-step suggestions, please forgive me if i seem critical but i've become quite a sceptic and a miserable bastard to put it frankly


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    I'm really sorry :( I know how you feel, I suffer from it too. Such a fucking bitch is depression.

    How long have you been on the Prozac cos anti depressants do take 6 weeks or so to start working. And have you had any counselling cos that may help?

    I cant offer a solution but I can (and so can others on the board) offer support. Feel free to PM me or post regularly just so you can feel that there are people who care.

    Good luck, take care of yourself
    Steph xxx
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    yea, i'll agree with PinkFeatherBoa, i dont know when you started with the prozac but prozac will take a few weeks before it starts to work, but if your not feeling any better after a few weeks, then go back to your doctor and they might talk you through other options, such as a councillor.

    Anyway, hope your feeling better soon

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    We have some useful information in our mental health special which would be worth a look in.

    Prozac does take a while to kick in and works best in conjunction with a talking therapy but do go back to your GP if you are having problems, it's better they know how you are coping with the tablets, and they may choose to prescribe you something else.

    Also the boards are always here as a place to vent...

    Susie :)
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