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depressed/ erge to self harm

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*:banghead: hi there people llately i have felft so depressed because my mother hits me and grabbs me up by my shirt collar all because i wont look after my brother and sister if i dont then above happens. i feel reall depresed about this being 18 i should really be goimg to parties and enjoying 18 but i am not i hate feeling like this no mater i do to try and cheer my self up it dont work. i have sitting her down and she blames me for what she does. i even feel like comiting suicide i have felt like this for ages:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:


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    It is not unreasonable for your mother to expect you to help out with things around the house, for as long as you are living in her house. This might include looking after your younger siblings. However, it IS COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE for her to hit you or physically assault you in any way whatsoever. Not only is it unreasonable but it is criminal. You would be completely justified in calling the police if she assaults you, and I am tempted to suggest you do so. She has to know that her actions are wholly inappropriate.

    You say that you have tried talking to her and she blames you. That sounds like a quite common defensive reaction to someone who possibly knows they have crossed the line and does not have the guts to face it. It's no the wonder that you are left feeling so alone and vulnerable.

    You might try talking to her again and suggesting that, regardless of blame (because the blame issue is getting you nowhere) it is completely wrong for her to be physical with you. If she cannot convince you of something with reasoning then she will never convince you with aggression. She will only lose your respect and alienate you in your own home. Tell her that you will try to do more around the house if she will also try to be more encouraging and less confrontational. But make it clear that you can't accept her hitting you.

    Seriously though, don't allow yourself to be trapped by her violence. Speak to the police if it happens again. A mother who would physically assault a child is no mother at all.
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    :confused::banghead::banghead:hi i have tried talking to her loads of times every time she say she will change but she dont and she treats me like a slave i have to do everything but i am sort of scared to phone the police as then she will be even more cross and who knows what she will do next it like at the moment i feel so depressed coz of her that i spend all my time in my room
    thanks for replying:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
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    Hi catz1234,

    You are quite new to the boards, so welcome! This is a safe place for you to explore how you are feeling and for everyone to share experiences. You have had a really good respnse in Stu, and he is right - it is absolutely not right for someone - anyone to be hurting you. Particularly your Mum. If you don't want to talk to the Police, then perhaps there is someone else you can talk to? Do you work with Connexions? Go to College? Have anther family member fo friend that you can talk to?

    You might also want to try talking to someone at a helpline? As they will be trained to listen to you and offer advice in confidence.

    We also have some really good information pages on Thesite about mental health, why don't you check some of it out? - making sure you take in the related articles on the right.

    Take care and keep posting to let us know how you are getting on :)
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