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Things went too far :( advice needed

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After splitting up with my ex a month or so ago, we've been relatively friendly. the last few days, he has been very flirty and I've been flirty in return. I still love him so much, but I took the flirting as just a bit of fun. last night I went to his house and well.... things got a bit out of hand. It just started with a hug, then a kiss then a quick fumble.
My problem is now...I feel really horrible about it. It shouldnt have happened. He finished with me because he has issues and said he couldnt be with me, and even though I love him, he doesnt want me back. I feel so guilty for letting it happen. I've talked to him about it but nothing was really resolved. What do I do? :(


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    if its really over it is best you stay away from him for awhile and get some space, it will help you heal. you guys split up for a reason and it is unlikely that much has changed from that reason. Being friends can make it harder to get over, particularly if you are seeing each other alot.

    If nothing was resolved from the talking you can try again but in all honesty if he has split up with you then i doubt much has changed or it would be clear.
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    Don't feel guilty or beat yourself up about it, it often happens that you fall back into how you behaved before. If you're used to being intimate with someone it's very very easy to end up being intimate again, even if it would have been better not to be.

    If he's adamant that he believes the relationship to be over, it's important that you both keep your space from each other. Keeping in contact just makes it more likely that you'll end up in bed together and that never ends up well. You end up clinging on to the sex as a connection and he ends up using you as a sex toy until he finds someone else. Keeping having sex with him won't win him back.
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