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I dont know how to make it right?

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I went out on saturday night with a guy im seeing , i met all his friends...and i saw him talking to a girl who i also know
i felt he was more "compatible" with her even tho i was stood there with him (im a single mum and shes not shes younger, and prettier , shes about 5 years younger than us) he was talking to her, id actually say i thought it was flirting, the things he was saying to her like he watches tv on his own most nights and she will be all lonely soon as she is moving into her own place just around the corner from him so i was a bit like oh off we go....and got a bit upset and jealous
so i turned around and saidto him "IM GOING" i went to storm out and he was like why? so i told him, he told me to stop being so silly
anyways later on at night i did it again, because he was asking her things that i didnt think were appropriate and told him i didnt want to see him again
he ended up spending the night at mine anyways...but i cant stand what ive done because i really have started fallen for him, and wanted him to be happy, but i want him to be happy with me but not hurt me!
and i didnt know how he felt about me until i did that, ia cted totally jealous! and i told him i was jealous and i told him how can it possibly work when he cant even come over to my house in the week to do something simple as watching tv as my child will be here
im also quite boring as ive been bringing up my child since i was 19..and my relationship with his dad ended 5 months ago and i felt this other girl could give him alot more i hardly have any friends she knows all his friends already so it would be so much easier, i didnt even give a very good impression in front of his friends on saturday night, even tho they probably arent dwelling on it at all and are thinking about things going on in their life!
he told me last night he was falling for me so surely thats good!
i just dont know how much longer he can do only seeing me 2 nights a week if that (friday and saturday) i want to see more of him but i dont know how to introduce it because of my child

I really like him, and the times we have shared over the past 8/9 weeks have been incredible! and i dont want to loose that

dont really know how to put it right xx


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    You are comparing yourself to her and seeing things in a negative way, it's quite possible that he sees them as positives.

    Ultimately look where he spent the night - with you. That's where he wants to be, not with her.
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    Hey there xbabygirlx,

    Here is a big hug to start off *hug*

    It is hard when you start dating someone and have to meet his surroundings. There is obviously something making you insecure about this relationship. Why would she be better than you? Does he know you have a child? If he does then he obviously chose to be with you. Perhaps there was flirting, yet it could be a good idea to speak to him calmly about how this makes you feel.

    It is important to try and build your self-esteem, whatever caused it or is causing it, it is important to pull through. You say you really like this man and he seems to like you too as the below quote shows, so let him!
    he told me last night he was falling for me so surely thats good!
    Let us know how you get on :)
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    A quick update on the situation

    we continued to date a week after this but unfortunatly he met somebody else that week

    Sounds very teenage for saying we are 25 and 26 but hes now in a relationship with her, and ive not heard from him for nearly 2 weeks

    So good luck to him i guess

    Only thing now is i miss him so much! :( xx
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