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Tiny Rant

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Seems the girl I have been crazy about for the last 2 years is embarking on a new relationship (in fact I have even deactivated my facebook a/c because I can't bear to read about it) :(

Meanwhile a girl I met online a few years ago has got back in touch with me and we've been chatting. She is desperate to meet up with me.... I'm not overly keen on it or her but kind of feel I should do it....don't get that kind of attention all that often and who knows I might be surprised!

Quite annoying really

Just wanted to get that out.....


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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Hey Neddy,

    It's brave to deactivate your account on facebook, not all of us could do it but giving yourself some space away from her may well be the best thing for you at the moment and it can certainly help to take control of the things that are upsetting you and take some steps to get back on track :thumb:

    When you feel ready you can always get back online but just hide her from your news feed so you don't have to get the constant reminders?

    As far as this other girl goes, only you can really decide on whether or not to meet up with her but perhaps try not to over-analyse it?

    It may be just what you need, a new friend and a nice distraction from what's happening but equally if you're pretty sure you're not all that keen (and maybe she is on you) then it could turn into a rebound thing which is unlikley to end well and this girl's feelings are obvioulsy important too.

    Unfortunately you're not going to get over the original girl overnight but you WILL get over her. There will be other people you'll fall for down the line and who will fall for you back, it might not feel all that significant now but do try and remember that and feel free to get anything else out that you need to :)
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    Ohh, this sounds all too familiar.

    The first thing I will say is that you will get over the other girl, for years I was obsessed with my friend Roxanna. I finally got over this last year and this year have found someone perfect for me. :)

    The only thing I regret is never telling her how I felt, if you have not done, then you should, otherwise you will regret it for a long time. If you have not told her and when you do she rejects you it will help you to move on.

    In regards to this other person, a date with this girl can do no harm, but if you do not feel anything don't enter into a relationship with her. In the long run, it will only result in you and her getting hurt.

    Other than that, good luck. :)

    (sorry if I repeated anything that's already been said)
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