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limp sex

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I recently have started seeing this guy (He's 23) and Im 21.
The first time we had sex togather we both were drunk, But he stayed hard, We both gave each other oral and he seemed to enjoy the blowjob I gave him and we has sex in missonairy. Didn't last long because I wanted to sleep half way through (I was drunk and tired)

So the second time I met him we were both sober, He spend over a hour or so pleasuring me and he getting getting hard and then going soft a few minutes later. I went down on him and he went soft, I started massaging his balls, He got hard and went soft again. And he didnt pentrate me at all.

So last night He had a few drinks before I met him, Same thing again he spend ages pleasuring me and once I went down on him or tried giving him a handjob. He went soft. But a few hours later on. He was peasurng me and was hard so I grabbed him and guided him in. And his penis was like too long. It seemed to be too deep from any angle, I Don't know if it only feels so deep because he had been pleasuring me for ages before hand.

It just I don't know what to do. I want to give him oral and play with him. But he keeps getting soft. It's bit embrassing aswell for both of us when he goes soft the minute I go down on him. He enjoyed it, the very first time


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    It's a cliche but it's true that the biggest sexual organ you have is your brain. If he is worried about maintaining his erection then he will lose his erection, it happens all the time, worry and fear kills a stiffy faster than anything else. Add into the mix the fact that you're a new partner and his alcohol use- they don't call it brewer's droop for nothing- and it isn't a surprise that he's worried and struggling to stay hard.

    FWIW it isn't anything against your blowjob technique or anything against how attractive you are. If anything if he really fancies you it'll make it worse for him, because he'll be desperate to stay hard and show you a good time.

    Just try and relax- both of you- and enjoy kisses and cuddles and plenty of stroking. Stay away from penetration for a little bit, gently ease into it and try and take the pressure off him. Keep pleasuring him even if he does go soft, it still feels great, and tell him to stop wanking before he meets you.
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    Well We have had pentrative sex since I posted this, but evey time he had drank. He seems to need drink to lose his inhibitions, we did it one morning though so I hoping he just feels more comfortable now.
    Havn't tried going down on him again. Not sure I handle the rejection of his penis going soft on me again lol
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