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Hello Peoples (mentions self harm)

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  • AuroraAurora Posts: 11,722 An Original Mixlorian
    Hey! Welcome to TheSite.org, I'm glad you found this site! Sometimes finding a alternative to self harming might be useful. When ever you feel like this you could do something you enjoy instead of going in to hurting yourself, and others. What do you enjoy doing? Please be carful when cutting, if a cut gets iinfected you could become very ill.

    Take care xx
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    Hi Storm :)

    As Cupcake says, finding an alternative to SH could be useful for you. Maybe instead you can go for a long run or do something you enjoy?

    Also a quick note: some styles on thesite mean that different coloured text can be difficult to read. For example the one I'm using means that I can't see any of your text unless I highlight it. If you could bear that in mind when posting, because it means that some people might not give you the response you're after because they can't read your post!

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    Hey, I'm pretty new but I think that just as a general thing for another alternative to SH you could take up a sport, particularly a martial art. It will give you a good workout and also you're able to take out frustration on a harmless bag rather than inflicting pain on self or indeed others.
    If you feel pain is necessary for release then you will undoubtedly feel some in the short term.
    This particular exercise can help stimulate the production of endorphins in the brain which, while leaving you out of breath, will make you feel happier.
    A martial art is in a controlled environment and personally I've found myself feel more in control as I don't feel the need to get angry and violent in stressful situations
    hope this helps, I know it's helped me to control when I release my frustrations
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