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Recommend me a job?

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
Ok, I need to find something I can tolerate and earn me enough to pay the rent and leave me with enough at the end of the month. You're talking minimum £17k.

I'm 25y/o, maths aside got good Higher level qualifications (scottish equivalent of A-levels) but fucked up university bigtime - I did get a Cert HE at least for completing second year of philosophy, which is roughly equivalent to an HND/HNC I believe.

My only work experience is mostly doing low paid call centre work, and that experience was a horror. I did act as a sort of ad-hoc supervisor for periods and was involved in helping with training etc, chairing some meetings also. some basic admin stuff too. I'm not an arse licker so can't get promotion in that environment.

I'm computer literate but not a tech geek by any means and don't hold a driving license but this is liable to change within the year.

I cannot put on an nicey-nice act or do happy clappy customer service but can be polite if I have to, pretty laid back but assertive when desired. I'm also a slob so hard labour is out of the question. There are also large gaps in employment, but these can explained away with bullshit stories about travelling the world.

I also have a spent conviction, ruling out certain employment despite having been spent. police obv, although they're out of question regardless.

Now let's have some suggestions :thumb:


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