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The thread in Relationships about possibly being too picky got me thinking about a game me and my friends play called dealbreakers, where you have to think of the things you could find out about someone on a first date that would be enough to make you never call again, even if you had initially really fancied them.

It doesn't include obvious stuff that would be a dealbreaker for pretty much everybody, like poor personal hygiene or racism. It should be stuff that's specific and perhaps quite idiosyncratic to you; stuff that other people probably wouldn't give a shit about, but for you would be a dealbreaker.

Here are some of mine:

Not being able to name the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Ordering his steak well done.
Precision facial hair.
Being tee-total.
Liking Top Gear and/or Jeremy Clarkson.
Wearing a hoody and dirty jeans on our first date (this one actually happened).

What are your dealbreakers?

Disclaimer: This game is just for the purposes of amusement, obviously. I am not suggesting you actually should dump anyone who does these things, unless of course you are particularly shallow.


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