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UTI or what???

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Ever since July I've had what I've thought to be on and off UTIs. I'm on cilest for my contraception and obviously had to take antibiotics each time I have a uti. I've took 5 courses of antibiotics now, first two worked for a month, but not the last three and they've all been different Except for third one matching last known working one. I've just finished my 5th course only to find the pain is still there and now it's beyond a joke, working is almost impossible to endure with this kinda pain but I try anyway, online it says showers should help but they actually can cause it to flare up again, and sex is a dreaded subject now because I know the pain I'll be in afterwards. I have sent samples of my wee three times to the labs but they've came back with no worries even though my last one was orange. Not kidding you, cloudy orange pee. I'm really worried now because I just want rid of it, and I follow all the uti guides to a tee, i drink cranberry juice, I eat natural bio yoghurt...etc. It's not leaving at all.

Any ideas what it could be? I'm gonna go see nurse tomorrow I hope for a sample otherwise I'm gonna cry soon, the only comfortable place I can go is on the toilet!


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    Hey, you're clearly in a lot of pain and it sounds like it must be hard to think of anything else but this condition. Sometimes when something is so distracting, it can be hard to believe that it will ever pass, but by continuing to seek help from medical professionals you have the best chance of getting to the bottom of it.

    I'm no expert, but five courses of antibiotics sounds like quite a lot and I was wondering whether or not overuse could be a problem if the underlying issue hasn't been addressed?

    So, how did it go with the nurse? Did she/he mention either of these issues?

    Also, it sounds like you've already been looking on the internet for advice, but not sure if you've seen the Netdoctor article specifically?

    There's a small section on reccurrent UTI that caught my attention - obviously you know about drinking lots of fluids and Cranberry etc, but the six month therapy thing might be worth asking about if it hasn't been suggested by a nurse?
    Recurrent UTI

    If UTIs keep occurring, identification and treatment of the underlying cause is essential. Patients who have the same infection coming back can be managed successfully by attending to 'bladder toilet' (drinking 2 to 3 litres of fluid daily and always passing urine at bedtime and after sex).

    Drinking 250 to 500ml of cranberry juice daily and avoidance of bubble baths may also help. If these measures fail, six months of continuous therapy with low dose antibiotics is usually required.


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