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Hi, I'm PheonixBlair

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So, um, hi :wave: . Um, this is my intro to myself. Its just kinda made up on the spot so bear with me.
This is my introduction to myself:

Sometimes I just need a hug *hug*
I love to read and I think everybody should read
Most people think of me as weird but it is a good weird.:crazyeyes
I don't believe this is a black and white world :shocking: I believe that there is gray areas. Most of my friends try to make me think that there is a good vs evil world and they are constantly giving me examples of, what they think, is either really good or really bad situations and they argue with me how they could be anything else.
I always beat them at that.
Sometimes, even though I seem tough, I want to be treated as a lady.

Mainly this introduction is for you to see how "normal" I seem. But under the thin covering there are wounds and scars. I plan to offer and recieve advice on a wide range of subjects on these forums.
I am not your average woman but then again who is? I have secrets that haven't passed my lips. I have skeletons in my closet. I have mental illnesses. Sometimes I wonder who I've become and other times I worry about who I am becoming.
I hope to use my past and present to help those in need of aid and to answer any question that I know the answer to.
I will answer any queries you have about me. Or any black and white questions.

:eek: PheonixBlair :eek:


  • KMilleKMille Posts: 4 Newbie
    Hi PheonixBlair,
    Welcome to the boards :wave: and have a wonderful 2011.
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