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Job Search Hell

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ever since i quit my job at mcdonalds 6 months ago, i havent found a single job. no one will hire me. im 16 years old so i can pretty much work almost everywhere. i live in Key west and its not a very big place and i go to places where i know kids from school work at like grocery stores, clothing stores, video rentals, and restaurants(chilli's, IHOP, waffle house) and NO ONE WILL HIRE ME. i dont understand it. ive never been convicted of a crime, and i think its because i worked at a place like mcdonalds. places that are hiring NEVER call me back. i dont understand it...WHY CAN'T I GET A JOB???????


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Ok this has happened me before! I was working In a local supermarket for 2 weeks and quit because I didn't like the job. When I went to get another job the supermarket gave me a bad reference and told the new place I was going to work for I left in 2 weeks so the factory I was going to work at refused me because I had a reputation of leaving jobs very quickly.. Its a harsh world! :(:(
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