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got ripped off

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My mental health is getting worse, and lately I've been feeling really low, i bought some speed, or thats what i thought it was, just found out last night me and a mate took crushed up paracetamol, salt and the pill. I'm an alcoholic and have a psychiatrist who i go to for my ocd and anxiety. After finding out what we snorted i felt disgusted with myself, as i also gave my mate some. I had it in the drawer, planning on throwing it out, because i don't take speed and only bought it because i was drunk. So last week i got drunk at my place and my mate (also my neighbour) was drinking too. After knocking back a few i decided to get the speed out and after we had a line our noses felt like they were on fire. What i'm concerned about is what i'm doing to myself and what i done to my mate. Can the pill make guys infertile, its been going through my mind for the past few days and i'm really down, which is why i'm back on the booze, i couldn't live with myself if I've made my mate infertile, i don't plan on having kids because i can't look after myself let a lone a rugrat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am not a doctor but i am sure the pill won't have any long lasting effects, even when your a woman its pretty much out of your body within 12 hours hence when u forget to take one u can get preganant pretty quickly, i think if u have mental health problems u must stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol, because these make it even worse, i know u must be finding it diffiult but u must ask your support worker for help but it comes from within and if u do want to get better u need to start helping yourself, mayb u and your neighbour could start and exercise regime instead of drinking or doin something more postive. Hope this helps i am not an expert but i do believe excerise helps many people feel more postive about life
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    how did you find out those things were in it?
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    because another neighbour, told me they were boasting about selling me shit, that wasn't speed, i feel more normal now, but i'm still drinking. My neighbour friend who took the stuff with me hasn't got in touch, thats that friendship gone. Hes older and says i'm better stopping drink and drugs while i'm still young, but i'm living below a twat that won't stop making noises just to piss me off, we used to be friends and fell out, now i'm getting woken up at all hours of the night. I lost my last gf because of drink, i hate myself for being like this but, i don't see any future for me. I'm scared of dying but afraid to live
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    Hey jungo87,

    How are you feeling this morning? It can be really hard when you're getting woken up in the middle of the night all the time - things start to play on your mind more and more and being tired in the daytime makes it seem harder to deal with your problems. Have a read of this question on TheSite from someone who's had the same problem - there are lots of useful ways in which you can get help rectifying the situation.

    From this post and some of your previous ones it sounds as though you're beginning to realise that you have a problem with your drinking and drug use and to look for ways out of this. Good on you - recognising your problem is a huge step and means you can start taking the next steps towards cutting down. These can be very small to start with - it's really important to give yourself tangible things to do without overwhelming yourself by putting too much pressure on to stop altogether. Little lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Have you had a look at this article on how to cut down your drinking, or this one about drug use?

    You say that your mate who you took the "speed" with recognises that you need to cut down on your drinking as well. I know you think you've lost that friendship as he's not been in touch since, but have you got in contact with him? Maybe you could try calling him - it may just be that he's busy and would be happy to chat, even help you cut down on the booze. However, have a think about whether you want to carry on hanging out with him if you always end up drinking or taking drugs together.

    Finally, do keep posting - we're all here to help and support you and it can really help sometimes to just get things off your chest and shere your experiences with others who may have been through exactly the things you're going through now.

    Take care *hug*
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