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teacher trouble

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:chin: hey please help i need some advice.
ok so the short story is i have a mental illness i have a history of self harm and suicide.
i recently started college in early september and my art teacher is so nice :d but im hallcionating (sorry for spelling mistakes) and my hallucionation hates her, im trying everything not to make it so obvious but sophie my art teaher was starting to catch on , so my psycotheripist said just to tell her so i did about 1 hour ago when the lesson finished she was so cool with it but she says that she ' doenst fully understand but ill do my best to help and that im allways here if you need me.'
i feel a bit better but shes leaving in 3 weeks because shes pregnant and shes not comming back now the hallucionation is hating her more and it wont let me concentrate and when i finally do it makes it even harder i cant go near her without feeling anxious, worrried and angrey i have her next on thursday.
i really appriciate any advice and thankyou so much for helping me out ;)
thanks alot av's :)


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    Hi av's,

    Sound's like the hallucinations you're having are quite upsetting, as you seem to really like and get on with your art teacher. Seems too that she has been supportive and accepting of what you have told her, even if she doesn't fully understand. Perhaps the fact that she is leaving is related to your increased hallucination of hating her? Perhaps you can carry on just being honest with her and explaining that you are feeling anxious and angry around her?

    You may also want to talk more to your psychotherapist too and see what they advise. If how you feel is hindering your concentration and making your feel angry, then it may be worth exploring it with your teacher and the college staff to try to find a solution that works for you?

    Take care and keep posting - :)
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    thanks, for your reply :)
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