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Bad day - DEPRESSED :(

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hi, sorry to go on, struggling big time today was so sucidal Went to docs in a crisis today i cut loads and i mean loads,
cut my scars open .. it really hurt i no thats the point but it reli hurt i wanted to scream!!!! anyway doctors..
she took the anti depressants of me prob think ill OD as was suicidal!!

Cut deep twice not proper bad unforuntly but i completly lost it i wanted to kill myself doc rang crisis team so they cud text me but they ent allowed to text why have a mobile number if cant text
anyway there guna ring my care worker 2moz

no-one listens to me care worker isnt helpful when comes to problems shes hurt me for ages the mental health teams let me write now care workers being DREAD and baning me from writing she knows if i dont write ill bottle things and will end up seriosuly hurting or killing myself..so why do it.. i swear she wants me dead, i no u guys will say shes trying to help but she said to me its up to me if i kill myself

maybe im being ... whats the word... over the top or what ever cant think what word to use but isnt a care worker meant to help wen u say u want to kill yourself and not ignore it or do i really deserve to be punished coz i always believe it so mayb its true ???? plz plz help xx
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