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Feels like I am lost in my own life

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Guys I am dead confused about everything in my life.
I graduated from college in July and went straight into a job in kent that was supposed to be "Amazing" they said I would be performing and entertaining the holiday makers on a holiday park with a load of other team performers. I got there and it ended up being horrible. There was no singing and dancing for me to do and no team of performers, just me and the manager, all i did was call out bingo numbers and count up money. All I wanted was to be able to perform which is what my agent promised me that I was gonna be doing. Then the manager tried to hit on me and it was awful. I was supposed to be there working til the end of september and I left because it was so horrible. I came back and was made to feel like I had let everybody down including myself.
I have now lost my agent because I quit the job early and it has put me off going away ever again. Now I just don't know what the hell i actually want to do :( three year performing arts course down the pan just because I have had a bad experience. I feel like my parents are breathing down my neck for me to get a job and be successful. I feel so sufficated. what do I want? coz right now i am just bumming around waiting for something to come up, I know that it isnt just gonna come to me and that I have to go and find it for myself.....but I have lost all my confidence and just feel useless. Clearly I am no good for anything apart from being hit on by ugly sweaty men who just ruin it for girls like me :( I am so bloody terrified of life....and right now I can't think of anything better than not being on this earth at all.

If anyone here has anything to say that will convince me that there is point anymore I would be greatful for you time.xx


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    Hi Anna :wave: ,

    Im sorry that you are feeling like this at the moment, You have obviously had a bad experience moving away and it sounds like you were mislead into what job you would be doing.:no:, this can be very disappointing and upsetting for you but try not to let it put you off any future opportunities!!

    Do you know of any other agents you could sign up with, or know of anyone that is already signed up with a reliable agent ?

    I have added some information on Being Positive and Boosting mental health, just a couple of things too have a read through!.

    Thankyou for posting on here and remember we are always here to give advice and listen!

    I hope this has helped, keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Take Care,
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    Thankyou Becky

    Yes it helps alot to share my worries. coming on here stops me doing anything stupid. Its nice that I have somewhere to go to if I feel this way :)

    there are plenty of agents out there but it is just getting them to sign you up. its hard because I am a new graduate and not many agents take you on when you are just starting out. I guess I am going to just have to be patient.

    Thankyou for your time :)

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