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east anglia universty

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hey im thinking of goin east anglia uni in septembr/october && i was wondering if anyone knows if its nice there & also how easy is it to get ensuite room in halls?


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    I have several friends who went there and my boyfriend went there and they all seemed to have a really good time. I went to a party there visiting one of my friends, it was good.
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    I'm at UEA!

    The new residences (Colman, Constable, Paston etc) are all en suite and on campus. The Village is also en suite and is about 10 minutes walk from the centre of campus through Earlham Park. The Ziggurats (Norfolk and Suffolk terrace) are communal bathrooms but the showers and toilets are separate. I'm not sure about the older ones one campus such as Wolfson, and Mary Chapman Court has closed down. Overall, the majority of halls are en suite, I think the official statistic is 2/3.

    UEA is lovely. The grounds are amazing, even if the architect should've been shot (it's very ugly 1960s concrete.) I've met a few arseholes but on the whole, the people there have been lovely, people in the city are really friendly. There's some cracking pubs, a legendary bus driver and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I'll certainly miss it whilst I'm away.

    What're you thinking of studying? If you want to know anymore, just give us a shout :)
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    I went to UEA and really enjoyed it, as Marina said most of the halls are en suite now as the older ones have been knocked down since I went there. I lived in Wolfson which I think is still standing, it wasn't en suite but had a really nice atmosphere. The en suite ones are much more expensive than the older ones though.

    The university and the city itself are really friendly, and they are both lovely places to be in the summer. Make sure you go and sit by the lake in the late night/early morning if you decide to go there, I used to love doing that. One thing I would say is that the nightlife isn't fantastic, off campus there wasn't many good places to go, either really dirty and grimy (the waterfront) or full of chavs (everywhere else), but apart from that I would def recommend.

    good luck whatever you decide :)
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