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my younger sister is currently living with a foster family. i have just been told by her social worker that adoption is possibly on the cards because of the circumstances of the case and because of her younger age (she's 5, going on 6)

when i asked her social worker what my rights were, she told me that i would have to seek legal advice.

if she gets adopted, i'm not going to see her again am i? :crying:
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    You may still get to see her but its not definate - it depends on the relationship you already have with her and what the social workers think is best - but if they say you should take legal advice then you should - your much more likely to get continued access to her if you have a lawyer arguing your case for you.

    But tbh you should prepare yourself for the possibility that you might only get the opportunity to send/receive a yearly letter.

    (you could adopt her yourself)
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    It's the social workers choice but they first have to see how she gets settled you may see her after a few months or so.
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    Hi there,

    This is a very tough situation for you, and as your previous posts show, it is clear that you are extremely worried that you might not see your little sister again if she is taken into care and later adopted.

    Have you been to seek legal advice yet? This community legal advice website might help you understand what is needed and how to go about finding legal help.

    Learning more about adoption is also very important and knowing what happens after someone is adopted can help you get a general outlook of the process.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further help, and keep posting as this helps and as there is a lot of support here for you.

    Good luck :)
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