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Can I change?

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I've had a pants day at work and having been at home for afew hours and chatted with my hubby I realise that I don't act the way I want to act in certain situations and I don't know if I can change.

Basically I always seem to try to prove my point, when really I shouldn't care what people think. If someone implies I don't know what I'm talking about when in actual fact it's them that is completely wrong, or if someone implies something that couldn't be further than the truth, I get a tight feeling in my stomach and can literally shake with anger! I then spout off and end up dragging people down, when all I really want to do is shrug it off and not concern myself with what they think about me! Argh!

I also sometimes read into things too much, like I might receive an email or someone might say something and I focus on one thing and blow it all out of proportion, then when they explain why they emailed/said what they did it makes sense to me and I realise I shouldn't have got so annoyed.

Is anyone else like this? Any advice on how I can change? I'm so tensed up right now and annoyed when I should be happy that it's the start of my weekend, but all i can do is focus on negative things and my reactions :(


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    Hey Fruit Loop :wave:

    Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish, try to let it go and not spoil your weekend! The best advice I can offer is that if you want to change the way you seem to be reacting to situations and people you're going to have to actively think about this change, if that makes any sense?!

    Enjoy your weekend, relax, put the week behind you. On Monday get up and start a fresh new week with a fresh new attitude. You sound really stressed *hug*

    The main thing is to believe in yourself, if you know you're right about something be confident in that and take a moment to think about how you approach each situation.

    dp :heart:
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    Maybe you could try some councilling or anger management classes?
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