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Recovery - what's normal?

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I went on holiday last Saturday and then on Tuesday I fell ill with a virus. I saw a doctor who diagnosed me and then when I returned home on Saturday I saw an English doctor who said I was very dehydrated but on the mend. I took 2 x diaroytle (sp?) sachets to rehydrate but every day since I’ve been ill I have been feeling lightheaded and still do today. I am back in work today and I’m just wondering if this is normal. All my other symptoms have gone now but should I be worried about the light headedness or am I just still recovering? I also don’t have much of an appetite and I’m just eating very small meals.



  • LilzoLilzo Posts: 38 Boards Initiate
    Hello lipsy,

    Sorry to hear you got ill on your holiday. That’s good to hear you’re on the mend now. It can take a little while for your water and electrolyte levels to get back to normal so in the meantime you need to make sure you are drinking enough liquids and eating enough nutrients. If you feel that your appetite has gone down it is still important to keep your energy levels up so try and eat small amounts often.

    If you are concerned about these feelings of light headedness it might be a good idea to go back to your doctor and find out if this is normal.

    Best of luck! :thumb:

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    Hi lipsy - haven't seen you here in a while!

    Sounds like you're still recovering; viruses can take several weeks to get completely out of your system. As Lilzo said, eat lots of little meals and try to get plenty of sleep. Sugary drinks like Lucozade can be really good for raising your energy and glucose levels and fighting viruses, but do monitor your light-headedness closely and go back to your doctor if you're at all concerned.
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    Thanks. I'm feeling more normal today so at least I know I'm definitely getting better :)
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