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Hello people

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My name is Edgar I'm 23 years old, with a pretty well rounded and lay-back personality; i enjoy almost any type of conversation, especially those which involve humor. I'm currently a student at CSUB and I'm majoring in athletic training, My interests are politics, sports, health nutrition, sex, great food among other things.

Why am i here? Well, i would like input from the folks here on making new friends. You see, i had to leave my old circle of friends because they were too negative and were doing nothing with their lives. They always had a chip on their shoulder, and were always looking at the negative things in life rather than the positive. No matter what i said or did to motivate them or inspire them to do something with their lives they just kept dragging along, moping, and complaining. And now that i have no friends im struggling to make new ones since everybody seems to have their own little circle of friends (with memories, inside jokes, and the whole 9). I cant stand being alone; i need new friends with better outlooks who are more optimistic about life. Know that your opinions are greatly appreciated; thank you all so much.


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    Welcome.. I would like to point out to you, there are a lot of people who are depressed on this site, so maybe it isn't the best place for you to make friends. Especially if you left your last friends because they were depressed...
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    Firstly welcome to thesite I'm sure loades of people would like to be your friend but as B-A has mentioned it may not be the best place because many people are depressed and sometimes negative about them selves as well.

    Well I hope you enjoy thesite

    Take care xx :wave:
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