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umm self harm?

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Umm well since the start of 2010 i lost alot of things that i was really close too.. i use to be happy but since everything happened i changed and since then ive got alot going on in my life but it feels pathetic and like no one cares.
i have alot of distant friends(like a big gang) just not any close ones who would understand or wouldnt tease me so i started to self harm because what was wrong just felt stupid. it got my anger out and kinda made me feel better.
Ive tried telling people before, my friend who i thought was my closest friend didnt really care, she has alot going on in her life and has other closer "better" friends. At school im better but more depressed at home because i feel i have to keep a smile on in school.

i just dont know what to do :( my lifes been getting worse, and i just have no one to talk to about these things id trust them with.. i dont want sympathy just help?!


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    Hi mysticgirl15 :wave:

    Welcome to thesite, glad you've found us, it's a safe place full of great information and always somebody to listen.

    Have you spoken to anybody about the way you're feeling other than friends? a teacher, mentor or even your parents? I'm not sure what changed for you but I'm sorry it's made you feel this way.

    Here's some info on self harm, take a look and see if any of it is relevant to you.

    dp :heart:
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    I know how you are feeling.

    I once tried to tell a person I thought to be my closest friend. She proved me wrong by calling me attention seeking and telling my other friends, who because of this then thought me to be weird. I then felt as if I had to put on an act, to pretend everything was fine. I still do. And it is hard.

    So, I understand. And I want to help.

    First, I think you should arrange an appointment with your doctor. This appointment with your doctor will be completely confidental and no one other than you and your doctor will ever know about it. Your doctor can then advise you on your best options and how to go about seeking help for your problem.

    I suspect counselling and such.

    But it is your choice.

    And remember, this site is for people to talk to other, annonymously, about their problems. It what it is here for.
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    I'm really glad you chose to share that with us. It can often be difficult to share things that are so personal to us, even anonymously. So, first of all, well done!

    Self harm often becomes a coping mechanism, a way of expressing the pain we feel inside.

    It is important that if you're going to self harm that you do so in a way that is safe. I'm wondering how you are self harming: are you cutting yourself, burning yourself or some other way? It is important that you are aware of basic first aid so that you can treat yourself and ensure you have a well stocked first aid kit.

    Also, try and avoid injuring yourself when you have had alcohol or drugs as this may mean that you injure yourself more than you intend to and may prevent you from seeking appropriate help in an emergency situation.

    Above all, make sure you are working on other coping mechanisms to help reduce the need to self harm. Techniques such as pinging an elastic band of your wrist or squeezing an ice cube can have the same effect as harming yourself, but cause you less harm (they release the same chemicals in the body as are released when you harm yourself in other ways.

    Consider speaking your GP about it to get a referral to a counsellor or other professional who can help you.

    If you're under 18 (as your profile suggests) remember that ChildLine is open 24 hours a day. They are free to contact and they will not show up on your phone bill. The counsellors there are always happy to talk to you about anything at anytime and won't judge you when they talk to you. Their number is 0800 11 11. In a medical emergency always call 999 or in less serious medical cases you can call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47
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