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Lib-Con coalition & Civil Liberties



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    So where do you stand on fox hunting, the right of BNP and EDL parties to march unmolested?

    Agreed - let them march. I'm 100% against fox hunting, and the arguments in support of it are largely spurious as far as I can see - but people should be allowed to demostrate about it.

    But if we are going to take a crude Left/Right analysis (and I am in total unqualified support of your statement that these barriers are in many cases highly simplistic and misleading) - close analysis of the EDL marches will show that actually most of the arrests and harrassment by the Police were of the UAF.

    Remember the demo in Manchester, where there were something like 50 arrests, no footage of violence released. Massive number of arrests, no reports of charges. Again, as a comparator, the Upton Park Riots in 2009 brought in two arrests on the day.

    Those presumed 'Left' in this country have always got in worse from state power than those presumed 'right' - whatever they are in reality.
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    Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    Down with "party politics". Full stop. All of us can see the sense of certain arguments that appear in various parties' manifestos. Oh, for a utopian society where we could just divorce the good ideas from party politics ...
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