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I was surfing google for some information and found a post by a person which brought me to this site. Normally Id not join a site like this but what I was reading by a couple members here, caused such empathy in my heart that I thought maybe I could come here to help others who are having ( it appears ) a much harder time with their own hopelessness than I am having. I have heard some good advice in the past that one way to take our minds off our own hopeless feelings is to focus on giving others hope. To place my focus on someone other than myself, may in some mysterious way, help me to find the very hope and value I long to find again.

However, I am very aware that as an older Christian, my views may not seem valuable to the younger, or non-Christian.

I thought Id find out if Christian viewpoints are welcome here. Would sharing the reasons for my hope even be allowed? Perhaps someone with authority on this site can give me the go ahead to share from my heart with those here who seem to be hurting. ( It will be a Christian perspective) however I shall try to be loving and gentle .

Please let me know if I can proceed.



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    There's nothing wrong with answering from a Christian standpoint - just don't be surprised when people take the mickey out of you believing in an invisible sky wizard who could make your problems go away, but chooses not to.

    But I', not an official person.
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    First off im the most non religious person going (I think), but I do respect peoples views and beliefs, and while I dont believe in god, it doesnt stop me having an occasional pray if a friend is very sick or injured, just incase he is up there and Im wrong.

    I guess faith is a gift I have yet to receive.
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    Though I don't believe in organised religion myself, I would certainly not discount your opinions because you are a Christian. I know that religion can instil strong values and for that reason I would be happy to listen to your thoughts, just as long as they do not try to impress upon my own beliefs.
  • **helen****helen** Deactivated Posts: 9,235 Supreme Poster
    Hey CryingLion,

    Thanks for dropping by :wave:

    It's an interesting question and has a few dependencies I reckon. So, you're raising two points -

    One is about being older

    One is about being christian

    There are other users who fit both of these categories on TheSite.org and I think it's fair to say that anyone who benefits from using these boards enjoys the spirit of sharing opinions, advice and support from a range of different viewpoints and backgrounds.

    What isn't encouraged however, is imposing belief or any assumptions of superiority based on belief systems.

    As a whole, TheSite.org isn't coming from a religious standpoint. But we do have an ethos - it's about non-judgemental information and advice, promoting harm-reduction and encouraing empathy and support to our fellow human beings.

    So, if you feel that your approach - regardless of your religious belief is compatible with this - then why not take a good browse of all the areas and see if you think this is a place you'd like to be.

    I hope that answers your question, but do feel free to send me a private message should you want any further clarification.

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