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Gym newbie... help

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Last week I joined the gym, and I've been for the second time today but I really have not got a clue what I should be doing. It's a no frills gym, all decent equipment but no sauna etc. The last gym I was at (a while ago now) made me up a workout routine when I first joined, but I have to pay for something like this at the new place.

Today I did 40 minutes of cardio, and then just fiddled about with the other machines because I didn't have a clue what I should be doing.

I want to lose about a stone, and just tone up my thighs arms and stomach. My BMI is about 22 if that makes any difference. I'm going on holiday in 9 weeks, and whilst I'm not expecting miracles I am hoping for some improvement.

Can anyone tell me me what the hell I should be doing, and how many of them. I have googled and googled but cannot find anything suitable.


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    40 minutes of cardio is good. If you do that 5 times a week and you have a good balanced diet then you WILL lose weight.

    You should be aiming to go to the gym 5 days a week (or 6 days if you’re hardcore). Make sure you have a rest day though. In each session do the following:

    First do a few stretching exercises to nible yourself up.

    Then jump on your favourite machine and do about 30mins of intense cardio where you actually put effort into it. If you have your favourite music playing then it helps to motivate you and makes the time go quicker. Make sure you drink plenty of water too because you’ll be sweating a lot and you don’t want to dehydrate yourself.

    What is your favourite cardio machine btw? Treadmill, Crosstrainer, Rower, Cycle?

    After you’ve done your cardio, you can then proceed to the weights. I recommend you do lunges and squats to tone the thighs.

    Whatever exercise you do with weights, just go through the motion in a slow controlled manner without swinging the weights or anything.
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    As for diet, whatever you do, don't make the mistake of NOT eating enough.

    Depriving your body of food is never the right way to lose weight, and it will only leave you feeling weak and unable to feel motivated in the gym, and it actually slows down your metabolism and fat will burn much slower.

    Instead of having 3 big unhealthy meals a day, you should have 5 or 6 smaller healthier meals. Cut out all junk food, so no more sweets, chocolates, fizzy drinks...
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    Hi Laura,

    You've been given great advice off Sanitize, Thought we'd add a link to this page about getting fit, the gym and a balanced diet. Hope some of it helps.

    Also the gym should by law, provide you with a basic health and safety 'show round' where they will show you how to use the equipment. Have you had this? If not, is there anyone you can ask to just show you the basics? You may also be able to pay for someone to put together and exercise plan for you at the gym?

    Good luck, :D
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