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feeling abit lonely D=

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soo uhm i dunno where to start so i may just blurt this out in hope that it makes sense XD

last week my sister got sciatica (sp?) and my parents have both been SUPEERRR busy looking after her. the only time they talked to me was to tell me to help her or to tell me to do her chores, i felt reaally unloved and unwanted , still do i guess.

At school everyone has started ignoring me only my close friend harry still seems to talk to me but all my other friends are just going off and ignoring me (quite sad really XD)

because ive been pretty upste about everything ive resorted to self harm again :'( im trying to stop HONESTLY but its failing epically..
i just wanted to say all this cause well people on here understand :D

anyways GTG got school work to do and all that x]

Alii x


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    Hey Alexandraahh,

    Sorry to hear that your feeling low at the moment:no:
    But also well done for coming here and sharing with us how you are feeling. Sounds like your having a tough time telling others how your feeling and this has brought you to self harming to get that energy relaese you need.

    How do feel about confronting others with your feelings?that may be the route of getting what your need-training yourself to express your feelings and being heard...just a thought.

    Take care and let us know how your doing:)
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    hey i know how you feel........not exactly the same but i'm in the middle of my parents divorce at the moment and i've been feeling really low and self harming again every now and then. if you don't mind i'd like to talk to you? pm me and i could add you on msn if you don't mind? don't worry if you don't want to, thats fine too.

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