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Child Abuse allegations

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A volunteer youth leader has had an allegation made against him that he sexually assaulted a young person on two occasions a couple of years ago. So far he's been arrested, house and car searched, interviewed and bailed.

Does anyone know what happens next?


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    this also happened to a friend of mine, but slightly different in that he was accused of making child pornography, he to was a youth worker, he got suspended from work, university and was banned from having contact with his children until it was cleared. This took the best part of a year as they searched his computers etc, at the end of it all the charges etc were dropped as there was no evidence on his computers etc.

    Whilst this is slightly different, I wanted to highlight that this could be a very long process and I would probably think that your friend needs a very good solisiter as it will probably go to court. I would also suggest he looks for people that could give him characture references etc to say that this is not in his nature etc.

    Hope it gets sorted soon x x
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    Although I have no experience of friends who have gone through this, there is the interesting question, what happens when allegations like this are made, and are found to be fruitless.

    If it can be proven (difficult I know) that there was a malicious edge to the allegations, would the accuser then potentially be charged? Or could the victim of the accusations take them to court for defamation of character.

    The worrying thing about this is that once these kind of allegations are made, it is difficult for some closed minded people to accept that someone is innocent, and a name/reputation can be tarnished for ever.
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    in my friends case coz the accuser (an ex-partner) through the investigation was being held to child abuse, child neglect, animal cruelty and possession of a class B substance charges the police didnt see it as a waste of their time, luckily we all knew there was nothing in it and his employers have allowed him back to work however the university have said that he lost all his CAT points coz he didnt complete the year.

    I do believe that the victim could take them to small claims court for deformation of characture. However often the accuser gets away with it and gets to get on with their life!
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    At this point not really too interested in what happens if proved malicious, especially as it seems this has at least in part from from the young person.

    From what I know, like so many of these things it pretty much seems to be one persons word against the other, so what do the police do? Obviously I assume they're going to go through his computer, phone etc but would they then move onto talking to people/young people who were at the events where this supposedly happened? Or to partners/close friends/other youth leaders he worked with?
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    Your friend seems to be going through a really tough time at the moment, but it's great that you're seeking advise on his behalf.

    The police will gather as much evidence as they can to make a case against your friend. Like you say they will look through his computer, phone etc. Inevitably they will talk to the young people who have made these allegations and anyone else that they think will be able to give them more information. This may include the other young people at or around the scene and other people, like his friends or family or colleagues.

    If the police decide to take the case further based on the evidence they gather, there will be a court hearing. Your friend will be given an opportunity to defend the allegations put to him. It is strongly recommended that he seeks independent legal advice for representation at court. You may like to read the article on Court Procedure for more information.

    Your support throughout this process will be invaluable to your friend.

    Hope things get better. Take care.
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