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cold sore

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I've been seeing this guy on and off for a while. Went to see him yesterday, and kissed him hello like normal. N just randomly a couple of times throughout the day - then later on he's like oh yeah i had a cold sore its just going/gone. I looked - looked pretty much like dry skin to me :S obv just a little bit redder than normal - clearly I should pay more attention but how likely is it that now i've got the dreaded cold sore infection!! So not impressed at him, i'm too clueless about these things :( Any ideas anybody..? Just worrying that my mouth is going to errupt into them and I have no idea what the warning signs are to catch it early!!!


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,323 The Mix Honorary Guru
    They're most contagious when they're at that blistering stage. Once it's scabbed over, the threat is pretty much gone.

    If it was healing, then you'll most probably be fine, but if you notice your lips getting sore, tingly or itchy, then you might have once brewing. I wouldn't worry too much - I've had them since I was tiny and have never managed to pass them on to anyone!
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    I did google it and that sent me into panic mode so thought i'd ask for general advice and experiences. I panic - alot - so reading those didnt help. I wouldnt have noticed unless he had said... almost wish he hadnt really!!

    Thanks though, there wasn't any blistering there so thats reassuring I suppose. Hopefully I'll be ok :) Although if you've been coping since you were little maybe they're not as bad as my warped mind imagined?! Thanks.
  • LilzoLilzo Posts: 38 Boards Initiate
    Hi penguin85! Although coldsores are infectious, Kaff is right in that they are at their most infectious at the blistering stage. Coldsores are generally more likely to be passed on if you already have the herpes simplex virus (i.e. you've had a coldsore before).

    This article may have some more useful info and tips in it.

    Take care!

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