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Hey guys

Thing is, recently ive noticed lots of stuff about me.
im really obssesive about things and i dnt like the way i am even though all my friends and family say im fine.
Ive been reading about OCD and BPD and that stuff scares me because i dnt wanna be like that but i can identify with it.

Also, i feel like ive lost my feelings and all my thoughts are gone and i dont understand where or why?
maybe im blocking out everything?
i thought i was trying to get better from stuff but i dont know?

im scared, please help



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    Hi Lemon,

    We're glad that you have come to the boards for some help and support. Sorry to hear that you are feeling unsure and scared at the moment. When you say that you are trying to get better from stuff - what things have you been doing to feel better? Do you think any of these things could help you at the moment?

    It can be very scary to read about things like OCD and BPD on the internet / in books, this kind of self-diagnosis can be really unhelpful and fill your mind with lots of unnecessary worry. Lots of people can identify with many of the symptoms / traits of OCD and BPD, which is why it can be scary. The only way to be truly diagnosed is to see a health professional - either your GP, or any other Doctor that you may already be seeing. If the thought of seeing a professional about this is a bit scary too - you could always call NHS Direct (0845 4647) first?

    It's great that you have friends and family around you that are kind and encouraging to you. What is it that makes you not believe them when they say you are doing fine?

    Thesite and the community are here to help you, so please keep posting. Take care :)
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    i mean stuff like if i say that i am too short, or too big or my fingers are too fat, feet are too small, everyone says no but im really preoccupied with it and i think people notice and talk about me and yea
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