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Rented House - Damp issues

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
Hello Everyone,

First time poster here. I have a question regarding damp/mould issues in a rented house.

Myself, my girlfriend and her brother moved into this house on the 7th of January and to be honest it's been misrable to say the least. But recently I've been weezing alot in mine and my girlfriends bedroom, only happens in that room when I wake up in the morning sometimes dueing the night I find it hard to breath. I've done a search online and both those are signs of mould, and there is TON'S of mould, on the ceiling, on the walls, in the cupboard. It's all on my side of the bed (where the window is) so my girlfriend doesnt feel it as much. Her brother has asma but in a totally different room which has no mould in, but he sometimes finds it hard to breath sometimes. We've contacted the agency we rented the property from and the Regional Manager came round but only has a scrap piece of paper with him writing things down (not very professional in my opinion) this was 4weeks ago.

We've had no reply! He came round for many things as we've complained about alot. We viewed this house and we didnt see these issues. We just done know what to do, the agency don't seem bothered! PLEASE HELP.

Kind Regards,
Lozza Bigsby:shocking:

Sorry for mis-spelling some word's im dyslexic.


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    I can't help with the landlord fixing the mould thing, but I live in an old house with new double glazing that's very prone to damp so here's some tips to reduce it in the meantime.

    1. Get as much air circulation in the room as you can.
    2. Pull the bed slightly away from the wall.
    3. Try and open the windows in the room as often as possible, aim for at least daily. Often best way to do this is to throw them wide open for 15 mins or so just before you go out so the room has time to warm up again.
    4. Keep the door to the rest of the house open as much as possible, get a door wedge!
    5. Definitely definitely don't ever keep wet towels after baths/showers in the room.
    6. Definitely definitely don't ever ever ever dry washing or anything else in the room.
    7. Try and thoroughly air the room, so windows open and door open to blow a breeze through at least once a week.
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