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Seeing things.

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So last night after having done to sleep relatively early 2:30am(ish). I woke up, looked at my clock 3:16am then looked around my room and there was Asian faces everywhere. Coming out of the walls and clothes and anything I looked at, or all ages. They were all pulling the same faces as the "The Scream" painting by Edvard Munc. I hadn't seen that painting earlier on in the day, in fact I don't ever think about it tbh!.
This keeps happening on quite a regular occasion. I never see the same things, for example the last few that I can remember are:
I thought that my parents were taking people in to my room to look at me. So I got up and put some trousers on,checked my door was locked and climbed back in to bed. Didn’t seem to bother with my top half. It’s weird waking up half dressed.

Saw a statue of Jesus (how I knew it was him I dunno) bent over my bedside table reaching out his hands towards me, when I tried to touch him he vanished and all that was left was my bedside table.

Does that count as a religious experience? ;)

And the time before that Spiders trying to get in my brain, before that tiny flying people trying to get in my brain also.

The one that has left me the most scared is when i woke up and heard voices outside my room saying that they'd killed my mother (rather graphically) and were deciding between themselves whether or not to come and kill me. I deduced they were murderers so lay there paralysed for how long I dunno, before I couldn't hear them and drifted back to sleep.

There has been many other occasions but those have been in the last 2 months.

Sometimes I think i've seen/hear things during the day but i'm not sure, at night I can deff see them. It doesn't feel like sleep walking, it's clear and I can see it.

Is this normal?, is it me hallucinating or just dreaming?


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    it sounds like you need to see a psychiatrist quite urgently.
    i have had similar problems and was referred to a shrink.
    if they are only happening at night, they could be hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations (check wikipedia for this).
    if not, then something else could be up. at least go to your GP.
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    Are you sure you are actually awake and these aren't nightmares?

    I definately think you should go see a doctor!
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    Hi Sweetscape,

    You have described some quite vivid visions. Sound's like they are quite distressing and from what you have said, you feel as if you are awake when they are happening, particularly as sometimes you see/hear things during the day when you are awake.

    As has been suggested - it may be best to seek some help and advice from a Doctor - either a GP or any other Dr that maybe working with you at the moment?

    Check out this page on psychosis, we are not saying this is what you have, but some of the symptoms and advice on how to deal with it are relevant to you. Also, make sure you look at the 'next steps' and 'related articles' to the right of the page, as they have some great links to helplines and other important information.

    This isn't something that you have to deal with alone - there is help out there to get to the bottom of what is going on.

    Good luck and take care :)
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    I think I'm awake, I seem to be awake. I can get up and do things afterwards. I've never had a problem with nightmares, I used to sleepwalk a lot when I was little though.

    It happened again tonight, I thought my brother was in my room with a gun trying to kill me. I grabbed something to throw at him, which happened to be a phone, it lit up the room when I grabbed it and then I realised nobody was there.
    Scariest moment ever.

    Going to see someone....I don't know...I don't want to be the nutter of the family or of my friends.
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    It would not be 'nutty' to try to find out why and see what help you can get to make them stop, getting help would be 'brave' and 'sensible' and 'proactive'.
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    Well then I'm not "brave" "sensible" or "proactive". I'm a scared, confused, lost young woman. It's not just as easy as trundling off to the Doctors, I haven't been to a Doctor since I was 13, I avoid them like the plague. Then you have to think about tell parents and friends. I've got a mother who views people with anorexia "as silly little baby women" and people with depression"should just snap out of it".

    I don't just see these things at night, I SH, Drink,I have an obsessive personality latest craze is making collage's all over my door, I'm rather creative,but have suicidal thoughts and bouts of depression.

    I can't face the stress that I know will come. Plus the added stress of starting uni in September, which is something I'm still not sure about, which is giving me crazy anxiety. And I don't know what to do with my life. I don't feel ill or sick some days, I feel alive, like I'm never going to feel shit again, I forget how I feel when it's bad. Like today, I can do what I want when I want because I'm a genius and everyone loves me. I swear I should win an Oscar some days, nobody notices.
    I'm just not sure what will happen if I take this carefully placed mask and show everyone what's underneath.
    I'm not sure if that even made any sense. Probably didn't I'm rambling.
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    It sounds like you are very anxious about a few things. Is there anybody you could talk to about things, even if you don't want to see a GP?

    Hopefully posting here helps too.

  • Soph001Soph001 Noob Posts: 105 Settling in
    Hey sweetescape,

    I just wanted to reply quickly to say if you don't want to go to the GP, have you thought about phoning NHS Direct on 0845 4647? I think you speak to a nurse, and then a doctor if the nurse feels that is appropriate.

    I understand about the face you are presenting to the world; it can be really hard to break through that for the first time to someone you know, so the telephone might be a good start.

    What you're going through sounds horrible, and it would just be such a shame for you to go through it alone. If you want to tell us more about why you haven't been to the doctor in so long we will try and work through it with you.

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    Thanks, sorry for the late reply. The NHS direct number, I don't know I might ring it. Would it show up on a phone bill? just wondering because my dad checks it.
    I did have a few people that I talk to, but lately I tried talking to them through message's and they never replied to me. I figured they don't know what to say to me any more or are fed up. Or it could just be me be paranoid.
    I haven't been to a Doctor in ages because.. I dunno..I tend to leave things and hope they get better. Doctor makes me nervous, since you only go there when there's something wrong with you. I've always felt the Doctors I've had have always been kind of stand offish.
    I don't like being touched (from Abuse) so when I've ever had a physical thing I've always just waited till it's gone away by itself or left it.
    I used to be in hospital a lot when I was younger (fainting spells) , I'm worried I'll get sent there again.
    Medical people I don't really trust, the last time I was in contact with a nurse, I went to give blood (thinking I could do some good for once) and she couldn't get any blood from my veins, left me with a big bruise and just said "oh I think I've bruised you, you can't give blood, bye".
    They don't seem like nice understanding people.

    I think I'd feel more in control if I knew where my life was going, I have no plan. I flit from one great idea to the next. Everyone around me seems like they have one.
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    Hiya, if its only happening when you wake up, could it be sleep paralysis? Tts when you wake up but you are still dreaming. Theres a message board here where people know more about it http://www.spis.org.uk/
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    Hi Sweetscape,

    I think that the NHS Direct number may show up on your home bill. Are you are in education at the moment? can you ask to use a phone there, or perhaps use a phone box or friend's phone? The call is local rate number, so shouldn't cost too much.

    It seems like you have had a few bad experiences with Doctors, we're sorry about that. It's a shame, as a lot Doctors out there do a good job and are approachable. You could check out some of the info on this page about what to do if you are not happy with your GP.

    If you did decide to go to see a Doctor - is there anyone that you trust to go with you and support you?

    Have you ever tried to talking confidentially to someone on a helpline? This can really help some people too?

    Keep posting :D
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    @Viks I don't think so, I'm not paralysed I can get up easily and move about.

    It happened again last week but I can't remember what I saw, I remember getting out of bed and looking at something but it's a bit hazy now.


    No I'm not at school, I finished my A levels last June, got okay grades. (BCD) Considering I wasn't there for the majority of the time.
    No I don't have anyone I'd take I have friends but none that I've opened up to which is hard because it creates a barrier. But i'm just not comfortable sharing feelings and stuff.
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