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Universty responses, other options and what ifs. need help!

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Ok so I have looked at some unis to do geography/physical geography. I found where I want to go, Aberystwyth. I got a conditional from them, the only problem is it is something along the lines of BCC and well im not exactly a bright spark. My other problem that has come from the whole non-bright spark thing is that I don't like the other unis compared to aber and don't know what to do.

(and heres the "what if" bit that i hate)
What I need help with is what if i don't meet the grades they want, ofcourse I'll save the clearence number in my phone and try and blag my way in so hard i will probably faint from lack of oxygen trying to convince the person on the other line of the phone that the world will end if i dont get into aber. But what if i dont get in after all that, what then? I'm really not keen about any other uni and I don't know what else I could do. I don't want to wait till the day of results to find that i have to slam the brakes on and have no idea which direction to go in. What should i start looking into for other options?

Thanks in advance


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    Was this done through Ucas? Have you applied to any other uni's?
    it is always good to have a back up plan. For me I chose a uni I really want to go to and then had a back up uni that isn't even the same course but is something I find really interesting.

    Although uni's look at your grades and predicted grades so they must think you can achieve their target. It might mean working harder than others but I'm sure you can do it.

    A back up plan might be a good idea but dont think of it as a plan because you aren't going to get the grade. Or anything negative. It's just incase there is a small chance you don't get grades or get in through clearing :)
    if you don't get In you could take a year out and find work and then apply again. I know a few people doing this.

    For what to look in to depends on what your interests are.
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    You should of looked at a bunch of unis and said to yourself,

    "I really wanna go to this uni!"
    "This uni is my second choice, i'd like to go here, but would want to go to my first choice'

    You should be in that kind of mind frameee (I am)

    I'm not sure what happens if you don't get an offer after clearing, I think if you don't get into any unis after clearing.... You start ringing unis up and applying over the phone telling them your grades...
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    hehehehe you're funny =D

    options IF IN THE UNLIKELY CASE of no luck with aber:
    - year out, get a job, travel, go abroad etc etc.
    - volunteer abroad
    - teach english abroad (east asia)
    - then reapply with your grades to more unis.
    - clearing positions in other unis: possibly not your first choice but respectable nonetheless. swag a clearing position at first chance, you can always turn it down later.
    - look into studying in a different domain
    - look into studying abroad
    - look into HNDs, apprenticeships, or any other kind of qualification where you can get a degree and not go to uni (i suggest diving)

    good luck munchking. i remember i was in your position a few years ago. it only gets harder =D
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    hi evilpenguin,

    Vampyricannie makes some really good points about alternative options in the event that you don't get in to Aberystwth (but fingers crossed you do, obviously!). This article (along similar lines) might be useful.

    I was just wondering what it is exactly that's got your heart set on this one particular place? The fact is, it's pretty much impossible to get an accurate picture of a uni before you go to it, because so much of university is about the things you can't read about in the prospectus - the type of housemates and quality of the tutors you'll have, the nightlife, the halls you end up in, the people you meet - all things you can't plan for in advance.

    It might be a good idea to invest a bit of time in thinking about some other universities, just in case. I'm sure at least some of the things attracting you to Aber could be found in other places (alongside other fantastic stuff you haven't even imagined yet.)

    This is in no way to suggest that you won't get in - I sincerely hope you do! But also to point out that the 'what if' might be a bit less daunting if you find some other places you like the idea of too.
    Good luck!
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