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An unjust D+D charge, can anyone help me?

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I hope you can help me. I have been charged with D+D, and am due in court on the 8th Jan. I have never been arrested in my life (now 40) and need a little help on how to get things done. I wasn't even offered a fixed penalty or a caution.

It had been a great night, and I was with a mixed group of friends bringing the new year, as it was time to leave I was getting my coat, which I couldnt find, and i went through the coats that were piled in a couple of spots more than once. Then I was pushed a few times, after which I pushed the guy back, and I was hit by two different guys........i defended myself (punching one of the guys who had hit me)and managed to get out of the pub, my friend called the police and I was outside when they turned up, surrounded by the group who had attacked me. I did defend myself but it turned into more of a rugby scrum than a fight with very few punches thrown.i was just trying to limit the damage.

The police went in and looked at the CCTV (from outside the pub) and arrested me straight away,but nobody else. It was only the day after i found out that they had accused me of stealing bags (whilst looking for my coat). This helps me understand why the police didnt make any effort to check my side of the story, but its still quite poor.

After being held all night i was charged, but only with D+D??????????? why??????.........i wasnt interviewed, or offered cautions, fixed penalties....how can this be??? I work in a sensitive area of charity finance so my integrity is of huge importance............i dont earn much money but plan to plead not guilty, ive been to the police station and have made a statement regarding the assault in the pub, and have given them the names of several witnesses.
The concern i have is- the police say the charge is only relating to outside the pub, surely this cant be serious? having to hold off four or five guys isnt going to look pretty is it? and surely being hit first (with witnesses) inside the pub should be taken into account? I was a little charged up when the police arrived but complied immediately (i was relieved as it was getting a little serious)

Can I try to get the case adjourned until the police have conducted an investigation into the assault charge within the pub? Im hoping to god they had cctv within the pub
will the court allow me to introduce evidence/ witnesses who were inside the pub

Starting 2010 in a police cell really wasnt part of the plan, my face is a mess and i have to go work tomorrow, appreciate any help anyone can give me, thanks


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    The only real advice anyone here can give is to get yourself a good solicitor. I find it very surprising that they expect to be able to take you to court without even having interviewed you, and very surprising that if this is your first offence they didn't caution you or offer you a penalty notice.
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    Im not saying you are lying.

    Get yourself a good solicitor, and if they didnt interview you, there is good grounds for them not following due process.

    Though if you havnt been entirely truthful, then watch out, but get the solicitor anyway.
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