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I can't seem to sleep at night and its really annoying me. I can concentrate at school and my grades have fallen drastically (sp) in 3 months. I have been to my dr and her best idea was to tire myself out before bed and thats not working. Any ideas?

thnks x


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    I've been going through the same thing myself for a number of reasons and it does get really annoying so I get where you are coming from.

    Have you tried not drinking or eating caffeinated foods? Apparently dairy products make your brain more active so try and avoid these after 7pm (I have no idea of this is scientifically proven but I do know from experience whenever I eat cheese I get god-awful nightmares..worse than usual).

    Having a hot bath before bed is also good - calms you down and relaxes your muscles.

    Try not to do any school work an hour before you go to bed because your brain will still be active when you want to sleep.

    If your grades are dropping it might be an idea of speak to your tutor at school to explain, they might be able to offer you support surrounding school work.

    If you carry on having sleepless nights or having disturbed sleep you should probably consider going back to your doctor as they should give you advice and help over what to do.

    Hope this has helped a bit - sleep well soon :)

    Is x
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    Soph001Soph001 Posts: 105 The Mix Convert
    Hi Emma93,

    Good advice from Issie bee there - obviously a seasoned expert! I'm sorry what your doctor said didn't help and you are still having problems sleeping, but you should definitely feel free to go back to your doctor, particularly as it is affecting how you live and enjoy your life.

    I just also wanted to add a few resources from TheSite.org - this article on insomnia, in case anything in it might help, or this q&a on sleeplessness including some helpful links.

    Best of luck with it. Night night! :)
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    is there something else on your mind which is stopping you relaxing?
    I have suffered with insomnia a lot and its only when i got my anxiety disorder under control (with medication) that i managed to get sleep - before that, even sleeping pills werent working, and when they did, i felt worse afterwards than i did with no sleep.

    A lot of people get good results with yoga or meditation.
    There are also some really good relaxation hypnosis videos on youtube which i found useful at one point
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