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Ok heres the story...

I think I'm fat, I wont wear certain types of clothes but everyone else says im not fat at all...however im going on holiday soon and ive gone on a diet.
Ive lost nearly a stone in 2 weeks but im too wary about what I eat and drink! I wont eat a single sweet or crisp and Im becomin obsessed about what I eat...at the moment im living on apples and stuff like that and just flavoured water because im scared if i eat anything else ill put on weight! I just dont know what to do cos i know im obsessing too much and im losing it at a rate it wont stay off in the long term but I cant help it! anyone got any advice?? thanks x


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    i know how u feel, i been through that aswell.u know urself that in the long term its not good for u.its so much better if u just eat healthy food, not just apples an stuff like that.drinking water is good, there is nothin wrong wit that, but u gotta start eatin right food.there is no harm in eating crisps an sweets as long as u dont go over the top with them an u eat heathly food.the thing wit diets is that u have to exercise aswell, u feel so much better so stop eatin apples, start eating proper food.if u dont eat anything, u will lose weight, but it will be muscle, not fat, then u get so hungry u just binge on all the bad foods an put on more weight.even though u may think u r losing weight by only eatin apples, u are in fact harming urself.if u think u r fat an u are not just u thinkin ur fat, then eat sensibly and exercise, even 20minutes of walkin 3 times a week is good enough, u dont have to go out running every morning, u lose the same amount of wieght walkin as u would do by running. aerobic exercise is best for weight loss, jogging, swimming etc.why dont u try a diet called the atkins diet, it cuts out most of the carbohydrates on ur diet like rice, potatoes, pasta.eat lots of meat an salad.an u have to exercise, its so much better for u than starving urself!!hope u manage to sort this out. take care of urself
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    Have a look at the FAQ, top of the main health page.
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