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The final transmission

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DATE: 11/11/2009

You were wrong. It seems that the final signal the Martians sent out before the last of them were eliminated wasn’t a call for re-enforcements. It was a warning. As you will see from the transcript below, this was not the Martians’ first mission to Earth. They had been here before on three previous reconnaissance expeditions, presumably collecting data. From looking at our own historical sources and references made in the extra-terrestrials’ own transmissions, we have placed the landings as being in 393 A.D over Rome during the final years of the reign of Emperor Theodosius; 11th century, Yangzhou, China – eyewitnesses were recorded by the scholar Shen Zhou; and over London in 1773, which was reported by a certain C.M, a member of the Royal Society who happened to be walking through St. James’ Park at the time.

What these have in common, both with each other and with the recent landings in Tokyo, Seoul, New York, and London amongst others is that the Martians seem to have been targeting highly populated areas and places of economic prosperity, which to me evidences the likelihood of the preparation for an invasion. Added to the fact that there was no direct communication with any Earth-based powers, I think this data, along with the final transmission itself, fortifies our justification for the elimination of all incoming extra-terrestrials.

To me, the reason for our quick overpowering of the Martians’ technology to me is clear: having gathered data from centuries in which the human race was comparatively backward, (I mean in the 11th Century we were still using bows and arrows for Christ’s sake) they gravely underestimated the advancements in technology that humans have made in recent years. I imagine that the Martians’ own time-scale far surpasses our own - a century to them is maybe many millennia to us – and therefore assumed that our own societal development would follow the same model. If this is not a sign that human kind’s curiosity is a gift from the heavens, then I’m not sure what is!

I look forward to hearing your views on my musings. 0f course, none of this is public yet. An official report will take several years to compile, especially since we will have to co-ordinate our own findings with those other countries effected. (I personally am not looking forward to cleaning up the diplomatic mess that debacle in Shanghai left us with. The press will be baying for our blood.) There is also the matter of what is being presented to the press: If any of our research can help you in that respect, I would be most welcome to help. We all seem to be knee deep in explanations right now.

I leave you with the transcript of the last transmission we intercepted. 0ur team of translators has been working flat out on this, but there are still words that we are having trouble deciphering. These are marked in brackets with the most plausible English word superimposed. I’m no astronomer, but I imagine that the signal will have reached Mars almost immediately, and so we will know very shortly whether or not we still have something to fear from the planet’s inhabitants. After reading the text itself, I feel quite certain that there will be no more sign of invasion from that quarter, but I leave that up to your department to decide.

Sincerist wishes
Prof. George Wells

Care of the S.I.S
Transcript of Martian Transmission
Dated: 10/11/2009

[My dear friend],
This is likely my last communication with you. The [invasion] has been a disaster. All of the fleets have been destroyed. Repeat: all fleets have been lost. The destructive forces of the humans are almost unstoppable. Why were we not warned? Their weaponry overpowered us in a matter of days. We shouldn’t have waited for humanity to reach our own world before attempting this. Why did we not act [centuries] ago? If our reconnaissance was correct, the human race seems to have [progressed] far faster than we ever thought imaginable. Civilisations described in previous records are unrecognisable. How was this not forseen?

My questions are arbitrary. There are very few of us left now, and it is unlikely that we shall see the end of the [day]. This is our final chance to warn you: Do not attempt a second mission. It is futile. The blue planet is best left alone, and measures put in place to protect what is left of our own world. I fear how little time it will take for humans to reach the capability of [conquering] our own world, for believe me, they will. We have failed here, and in doing so have put the rest of our people in jeopardy. Act fast, and hopefully you will avoid the fate of those of us tasked with coming to this abominable world. [Indecipherable phrase].

End of transmission.
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