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Biiig mix up....

Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
Okay, so recently i met this guy through my friend and we got on quite well. He seemed keen, but after thinking more about it I realised that we just weren't compatible for a few reasons (one being that hes 15 years older than me...). After a few weeks of not hearing from him i just put him out my mind then i met him again at my friends bday party and he said that he still really liked me, he just doesn't use his phone that much, hence why he hadn't got in touch... which I didn't really buy because he coulda text and arranged to meet in person or something, is that an unreasonable thought??

Anyway, another week passed and this other guy asked me out so I had a date with him which went well and we met up again.

But then i get an angry text from my friend asking me what did I think I was doing seeing this guy when I was already seeing her friend? :banghead: So I had to explain the whole situation to her which she doesn't seem to get, she thinks i 'cheated' on the first guy but the way I see it, I wasn't in a relationship with him or anything and he made it pretty clear to me that he'd lost interest I thought?

But she was adamant that he still liked me so I texted him to say that my friend had told me he still liked me and I wasn't sure if that was true or not because he hadn't told me himself, but if it was then I just want to be friends...which he interpreted to mean that my friend had warned me off him for some reason:confused: .

So now I have a friend who is really angry with me, firstly because she thinks that I cheated on her friend and secondly because she thinks that I've been lying about her to him. She doesn't beleive me when I told her the real story (i think because shes been friends with this guy longer than she has been with me) and I'm really upset over this.

So, do you guys think that my friend is right? And what do you think I should do now to get her talking to me again? because I really miss her company and don't want to lose her friendship.

Thank you soo much if you've read all of this, I appreciate it! :)


  • Former MemberFormer Member Posts: 1,876,324 The Mix Honorary Guru
    This wont help at all, I'm afraid. But your (girl)friend seems to be interfering in something that is none of her business. She probably went to her friend (your older guy), knowing that you had met someone else and said something like "My friend (you) is really upset that you haven't called her. Don't you like her?" To which her friend would naturally have answered, "Of course I like her". I mean, he's not going to offend your (girl)friend by saying "Actually, I'm not that bothered ...", is he?

    Your (girl)friend is trying to play cupid and wants things to work out for you both. But, face it, if he didn't ring you for weeks, he isn't that interested. If your (girl)friend is too angry to discuss the situation rationally, you will just have to ignore her until she cools off a bit. Hopefully, the older guy will say something eventually to put the record straight.
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