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Whats the best way?

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Hi i just want to know whats the best way to kiss? or how do you like to be kissed? you know do you like to be kiss on the lips or on the neck or do you like slow or fast kissing ? i just want to know ? so i can pick up any tips that anybody has got thanks:cool:


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    hiya, well everyones opinions are different. i prefer to be kissed on the lips than the neck. i also prefer really slow kissing. i hate it when people kiss really fast. slow seems much more romantic and not as though your trying to eat eachother alive! not to much tongue either, i know everyone kisses differently but some lads ive kissed use so much tongue and its not necessary, sometimes its just sick. others ram there tongue down your throat and nearly choke you so thats not a good idea. nice and slow is definatly the best, and not having your mouth open too wide, after doing this for too long it gets really wet. not opening your mouth wide enough is another bad one, cos then youve got so much work to do, dont really know how to explain this but this lad ive kissed is the strangest kisser. ive never been able to work out what he did that was so different but i think its cos he doesnt open his mouth wide enough.;)
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    Well as it's already been said everyone prefers diffrent things..buy personally I like slow kissing :)
    I think neck kissing is great too but I think that's more on a personal level like when two people are alone together.
    It's really not that nice when I guy practically rams his tounge down your throat nothing sweet about it what so ever.
    I think the best kisses are slow...not too much tounge but enough so that the other person can feel it lol
    My ex he hardly even opened his mouth little own used his tounge and to be quite honest it use to bore me so bad that after awhile I didn't even like kissing him :s
    Also a kiss can hold so much meaning that I don't think some people even realise, the smallest thing can mean so much.
    But generally slow kissing is best..it somehow seems to be more romantic, passionate and more meaningful :)
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    I love having my neck and ears kissed. I'm not really into tongues that much, I just like to take it slowly, mmm!
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