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Companies to send my CV to

SystemSystem Posts: 8,643 Staff Team
As well as applying for (scarce!) job openings, I am also sending my CV out to as many firms as I can. For stability, I am aiming at larger firms. As I have almost 7 years experience in IT, I'm looking for IT work. So far, I've sent out to:

- PC World & Currys
- Various local IT firms
- Connexions
- Local council
- Local schools
- Local library
- Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's

If any Stafford people can dig out the address of the ugly red BT exchange building, that would be great. I can't (to save my life) find the address on the web or in Yellow Pages, and it appears that BT don't disclose their addresses anyway.

Any other company suggestions where I can send my CV to, that would be great. Thanks. Stafford is a large town, almost a city, so assume that it has most of the large firms.


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