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Housing - Requesting a move

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Hi guys,

Basically, I've had to move in with my mum as along with other factors, she's quite unwell and pretty much needs someone there to make sure she doesn't set fire to the house or cause herself damage and to keep an eye on her.

She lives in a flat and sometimes it takes her about 20 mins to get up 2 flights of stairs (once it took her 2 hours when I wasn't there)

She really needs a low down place and she can't get one, she's been on a waiting list for years as her condition has worsened and has even had a councillor's letter and a letter from her GP. They say it's a lack of suitable housing.

The HA have just started building over an old estate across the road and in the plans it includes terraced housing, however, these are of 3 and 4 bedrooms.

What are the chances of being allocated one of these if the requirements are only for 2 bedrooms? And also any other advice on what to do to get shifted because pretty soon she'll probably be housebound because of the stairs.

Btw, she could cope with stairs in a house, the stairs she has to climb consist of 4, with 21 steps each.



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    I very much doubt she would be allocated a house with more rooms than her needs. There are familys stuck in alot smaller than there need places that will come first for the size of the property.

    Have you considered moving to another area? Where they may have more suitable housing? That or renting privately?
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    You won't get more than a 2-bed if there are only two of you. You can try moving to a different authority but unless you have a local connection in that authority (which basically means either close relatives or people who give you or your mum regular support) they are unlikely to accept a duty to house you.

    If I were you I would write to your local MP and make a formal complaint to your housing association. You could also speak to Shelter or, depending on how old she is, Age Concern/Help the Aged.

    Have you approached the association about the possibility of a mutual exchange? They could find someone who's in a ground floor flat and wants to move and you can swap.
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