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advice please...

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Over the past month, a rather close friend of mine has been wanting to commit suicide. He has attempted it twice and i really dont want him doing it again, as a family member commited suicide and (the only way i can put it) was rather successful with it. I really do worry as i know a few other friends that have done this although they arent as bad... however i would like to help them too i just dont know how.

I think this was down to him having beaten up his best friend several times and (of what ive been told) he has really regretted it. As far as im aware, he doesn't have a proper reason for it.

He almost killed himself using a gun and put himself into hospital. He is now out of hospital and his girlfriend at the time had promised him no matter what happened she would stick by him and help. However, she lied to him. I know it was probably hard for her, but the least she could do was stick by him. She dumped him a few days through a friend, which made matters worse. He phoned me last night to tell me that was maybe the last time i would speak to him.

I really do worry about him, and would like to try and help him prevent another kind of thing like before happen again.

I have spoken to a few friends, but i dont like to talk about it much as they have been through this and i didnt want to make them upset in any way.

If anyone at all could give me any advice i would be really greatful. x


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    Hey Unknown-to-you,

    Firstly, welcome to Thesite's discussion boards, the boards here are a safe and supportive place to get advice. We're really glad that you have come to us and been so honest about what's going on for you at the moment.

    Sound's like you are really worried for your friend and want to do what you can to try and stop history repeating itself. Seems like suicide is something that quite a few people around you have either done or attempted and seems like you want to try to help those around you. You are a good friend.

    Thesite has lots of really useful information pages, there is one in particular that may be helpful for you - 'suicidal tendencies'. Why don't you check it out? Especially all the links to other resources.

    You may never know the reasons and thoughts that your friend has. His thoughts and his actions are out of your control. It is his choice if he decides to take his life.

    You must take care of yourself, as all of this seems like a lot to deal with. Perhaps call one of the helplines suggested on the page above and also keep posting here to let us know how you get on.

    Take care - :)
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    my close friend, whos gotten even closer to me, im really proud of. within a few days hes changed his mind... he promises and swears down on his and my life that he will never do such a thing ever again. i think he may come to thinking about doing it again.. but i believe he wont actually physically do anything like it.

    just thought i would let you know.. thanks for advice to me as i was harming myself. so thanks guys. x
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