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tea, sympathy and a general whine

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Today I am recovering from a whole plague of illnesses that swooped down on me at once, and no sympathy at home so cyber-sympathy please!!! I need to rant at my awful bad luck

A I have a stomach bug (which after 36hrs is finally letting me keep food down though still makes me feel sicky);
B I have hayfever (bollocks do the tablets last 24h) and
C a cold-come-chest infection (getting worse), which combined are bad enough to make me
D put my back out yesterday (hurts every time I cough), which
E has reacted badly to deep heat making my back which I can't reach very itchy.
F AND I'm on my period. Not relevant I know but still. Sucks.

Today I missed my third day of a new job in a nursery, and am praying I wont have to miss tomorrow as well. I'm never usually ill and now my days have suddenly filled up I'm knocked sideways. <Grump>


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