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Maths a requirement before 16?

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Sorry, but I'm really confused, it's just
If I took my maths GCSE a year early, and I'm taking Additional Maths now, do i have to take Add. maths, like is it the law that all kids up to 16 in england must take some form of maths classes, or would I be allowed to give it up? I'm failing it already.
THank you


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    You don't have to take any exams. I took my GCSEs early then stayed home and got stoned, not that I advice you do that. If you are registered at a school, you have to attend the minimum amount or your parents will get fined. They can't make you do anything while you're there though. If you unregister, you do not have to go- the legal requirement is that you are suitably educated. If you already have GCSEs I don't see where the arguement could come that you're not suitably educated, staying home would give you a bit of life experience.

    Saying all that, I don't think you should throw in the towel just because you might be able to. Take the pressure off yourself for the advanced maths and just go along with it, if you do well- bonus, if you don't it doesn't matter at all. You'll probably have an easier life if you just smile and go along with it.
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    I'm not sure on the law... but i did a similar thing. I took my Maths GCSE a year early, and then started AS in year 11. It was waaaay too hard and I just found ontop of everything else it was too much pressure. I dropped it and then had study periods for the rest of the year...

    However for you I reckon its still early days. Could you see what happens up until Christmas and see how you feel then?

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